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Current glaucoma surgery methods can be effective, but variability of results remains an issue.2-4

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What would having a glaucoma device that delivers IOP reductions approaching that of trabeculectomy with fewer complications and a more-predictable post-op regimen mean the most for you as a surgeon?

MIGS has not yet shown the efficacy to reach low target IOP similar to that of trabeculectomy3,5-8

  • MIGS is considered safe and efficient but has yet to harness the full IOP-lowering potential of the subconjunctival space to consistently reach low target IOP and reduce medication load like trabeculectomy.3,5-8
  • There are no comparative data demonstrating that an ab externo MIGS via the subconjunctival approach can predictably achieve lower target IOP like trabeculectomy.7,9
Graphic illustration depicting findings from the TVT Study and the COMPARE Study

*Not a head-to-head comparison. Based on findings from the TVT Study and the COMPARE Study.5,8

Graphic depicting post-trabeculectomy success rates

Based on findings from the TVT Study.9

Based on follow-up time and the criteria used to define successful outcomes.10

Trabeculectomy success rates can be as low as 47% in 5 years.10,†

Intensive post-op follow-up is frequently necessary following trabeculectomy4,11

Up to 1 year following trabeculectomy11

  • 63% of patients required post-op interventions
    • These included bleb interventions such as laser suture lysis (29%), 5‑fluorouracil injection (21%), removal of releasable suture (18%), and needling (14%)
  • A total of 6% of patients required re-operation to manage post-op complications
Graphic depicting bleb intervention findings

§Based on findings from Gedde 2018.11

A minimally invasive device that can reach target IOP approaching that of trabeculectomy but with more-predictable post-op is needed to empower proactive surgery.

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